Four New Tech Items Revolutionizing Senior Living

Four New Tech Items Revolutionizing Senior Living
Baby Boomers are now reaching their golden years, and as their offspring, we’re entrusted with making sure they’re taken care of.

We new devices being ushered upon the global consciousness daily, it is interesting to see just how many are geared toward keeping a watchful eye on senior citizens.

If you’re making the hard decision on whether or not to keep your elderly loved one in the house or in senior hospice, don’t fret, you’re not the only one. It is estimated that roughly five to seven million seniors are placed in a senior living facility.

As more and more families decide to let their elders go on to live at a home, some may fear that they are being left behind with the times. Thankfully, there are some advantages to living in the NOW generation, as we’ve been provided with a list of new and revolutionary devices that give family members and senior citizens peace of mind.

Here are four new tech items that improve senior living for you to check out.

Providing family members with unprecedented access to real-time information regarding their loved ones, the Caremerge Family Engagement App spotlights their activities through texts and email alerts.

Walk Joy
Exercising is one of the key joys at any age, but Walkjoy specifically serves as a walking diagnostics tool for all patients suffering from mobility challenges. The device aims to reduce the chances of an elderly person falling.

Care Tech Systems
If you ever wondered what your life was like as a senior citizen, CareTechSystems offers a chance to gauge your trends and behavioral patterns. By using sensors that are placed throughout a senior’s residence, CareTechSystems alerts staff as to when there is an issue or a threat to an elderly person’s health or safety.

Linked Senior
This web-based solution aims to track the physical and cognitive abilities in senior citizens and help promote a mind-body balance for the elderly.

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