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Coordinate the Delivery of Resident Care and Wellness

Caremerge’s Senior Living EHR with an integrated Engagement solution provides a 360 degree view of the health and wellness of your residents.

Improve Compliance and Staff Efficiency with Caremerge’s Senior Living EHR

Centralize clinical tasks

Streamline care planning with integrated assessments, plans and ADLs

Simple ADL Documentation

Quickly and accurately document ADLs with Caremerge’s Point of Care App

Stay Compliant

Maintain medication compliance with real-time Rx integration and eMAR

Maintain Reporting Compliance

Automate assessment scheduling and leverage integrated incident reporting

Provide Better Care

Anticipate changes to resident services with transition and hospitalization intelligence reports

Improve Assessment Timing

Manage time more efficiently with a calendar view of upcoming assessments

Empower Your Caregivers To Provide a Better Level of Care

Provide your caregivers with a documentation solution designed to their specific needs

Extend your EHR to the caregivers on the floor or in Resident apartments with Caremerge Point of Care mobile app

Give caregivers quick access to medication passes and PRNs to improve documentation compliance

Reduce Social Isolation for Residents with the Latest in Caremerge Voice Technology

Deliver community announcements, news and updates all through Caremerge Voice powered by Alexa

Enable concierge services such as maintenance requests and mail call voice technology

Manage all the smart speaker devices in your community through a consolidated dashboard