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We can help your community quickly and securely communicate critical information to residents, families, and staff.

Quick Set-up | Email, SMS, and Voicemail Options | Over 130 Communities Launched in 24 Hours

Communication is Key During A Crisis

In light of recent events, we all know communication is critical. This tool allows designated staff to quickly send a text, email or voicemail to all families, residents, and staff. Your community can keep everyone up-to-date with relevant information specific to your community’s operations and provide peace of mind to everyone.

Staff Spend More Time with Residents and Less on Communication

Your staff is going to be able to effectively provide information to everyone who interacts with your community. When recipients respond they will get an automated message directing them to more information, which helps to mitigate staff workload. This will help free up their time to focus more on their residents than trying to find the method to interact with residents and families during the most important times.

Target Messages to Specific Groups

Tailor your information to different groups for more targeted and relevant messaging. Send specific messages to family members of specific care settings or residents with different hobby interests. Create custom groups to streamline your communication workflow and continue sharing important content.