Caremerge Partners with Spiro100 to Help Older Adults Stay Connected and Active

People of all ages have been trying to figure out how to maintain their wellness routines in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In senior living communities, COVID-19 operational changes have made it hard for older adults to stay active and engaged. Even in communities where in-person programming has resumed, some adults may not feel safe risking the exposure. While disease prevention among this vulnerable population is paramount, emotional and physical health are still vital to seniors’ overall wellbeing.

That’s why senior living urgently needs innovative solutions right now. Wellness models must be adapted to keep seniors safe and well from the comfort of their own rooms. 

To do that, Caremerge has partnered with Spiro100, a fitness and wellness video program provider, to offer the full suite of content to senior living communities around the country. This collaboration brings virtual wellness programming like exercise classes and memory care activities directly to seniors’ rooms. 

Senior Living Wellness Programs Boost Satisfaction and Independence

Having a robust wellness model has long been a central feature of senior living communities with high resident occupancy, satisfaction, and health scores. A white paper by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) found that communities that offer a wellness program raised resident satisfaction and prolonged their independence by an average of 2.7 years.

In fact, wellness has increasingly become the driving force of operations in the senior living world. According to another survey by the ICAA, about 60 percent of senior living leaders responded that their communities would be based on a wellness lifestyle with options for care, as opposed to a care model with wellness offerings.

Wellness is often defined in several dimensions. In senior living, those dimensions are usually physical, cognitive or intellectual, and social. To ensure seniors have access to offerings across the various dimensions, activities directors in recent years have expanded community programming to include a range of education opportunities, social gatherings, and fitness classes.

Many communities relied on in-person events for their senior wellness initiatives until these gatherings were paused at the outset of the pandemic. The challenge for community leaders now is how to deliver the same level of programming to residents in a way that’s compatible with social distancing. That’s where a digital platform can come in.

Spiro100 Makes Engaging Wellness Content Accessible

Spiro100 wants to make wellness more accessible for all older adults through online streaming. This philosophy naturally aligns with Caremerge’s commitment to better community engagement in senior living.

Spiro100’s full library of content is exclusively offered through its partnership with Caremerge. This access gives seniors virtual programming across the various dimensions of wellness. The content covers each of the following categories:

  • Mind: Cognitive stimulation exercises promote brain health and intellectual wellness.
  • Body: Fitness classes are designed to improve balance, strength, endurance, and flexibility for all ages and abilities.
  • Spirit: Mindfulness exercises help reduce stress, improve sleep, and alleviate pain and anxiety.
  • Memory care: Spiro100 has a suite of memory care classes created specifically for seniors with memory loss through virtual social interactions and new learning experiences.
  • Fun: Bingo100 is Spiro100’s take on one of the most popular games in senior living. They also offer a selection of other exciting games.

Jane Fonda, the legendary fitness icon, inspired the founding of Spiro100. During a speech at a San Diego IDEA fitness convention in 2012, she made a plea for trainers to learn how to work with older adults. According to Fonda, “[Older adults] can’t just do the same moves but lighter. We often need different moves entirely.”

In the spirit of Fonda, Spiro100’s founders teamed up with top trainers with experience tailoring exercises to, rather than modifying for, aging bodies. Spiro100’s whole programming model is virtual. This approach helps make wellness accessible to adults during today’s quarantine and all year round for adults who may have faced barriers attending live fitness classes due to mobility issues or temporary illnesses.

Remote Wellness Programming Is Essential During COVID-19

Digital tools will become indispensable as senior living communities work hard to evolve their wellness models during the ongoing pandemic and for the future. Together with Spiro100, Caremerge strives to provide a wellness supplement that will remain accessible to all seniors no matter the state of the public health crisis.

Learn more about how Caremerge’s partnership with Spiro100 can help seniors stay active and independent. 

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