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Engage Families in Resident Life Enrichment Process and Keep Them Informed

Caremerge’s Senior Living EHR and integrated Engagement solutions provide a communication platform to get everyone involved in the care of the resident

Actively Engage and Update Families about your Loved Ones Daily Life with Caremerge Family Engagement

Reduce family stress by sharing daily life in the community via a secure communication channel

Provide families with insight into their loved one’s care through a HIPAA compliant system

Measure family satisfaction regularly to cultivate positive referrals and prevent avoidable move outs with a regular family satisfaction survey

Empower Your Caregivers To Provide a Better Level of Care

Provide your caregivers with a documentation solution designed to their specific needs

Extend your EHR to the caregivers on the floor or in Resident apartments with Caremerge Point of Care mobile app

Give caregivers quick access to medication passes and PRNs to improve documentation compliance