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Keep Your Community Informed and Engaged During Any Crisis

Multi-Channel Communication | Keep Residents Well | Put Families at Ease

The Caremerge solutions were founded with the intent to bring peace of mind and joy to the senior living industry.  Now more than ever, we are seeing that come to light.  Our integrated platform for crisis communication is providing communities with a multi-channel way to deliver information.  See below some of the ways communities are using our solutions to send out urgent updates, provide residents with engaging activities, and keep family members informed all in one secure platform. 

Broadcast Communication

Quickly & Securely Send Critical Messages to Residents, Families & Staff

The Caremerge Broadcast solution allows designated staff to quickly send a text, email or voicemail to all families, residents, and staff. Keep your community up-to-date with relevant information while providing peace of mind to everyone. Target messages by specific groups to tailor information even further and get critical updates out quicker to the people that matter the most.

Community Engagement

Provide a Centralized Space for Residents to get Important Information and Stay Connected

With Community Engagement, staff can fully customize each page and even embed recorded or live videos directly into the site.  The team can create all sorts of pages for sharing documents, news & resources, exercise programs, games, and more.  We also offer built-in pages including options for residents to socialize.  Residents can create their profiles and use the directory to find & connect with other like-minded residents. They can also utilize the Discussions, Groups and Journals pages to post questions/topics and build a digital social space.



“What I love about Caremerge is the ability to create custom pages in Community Engagement. I’ve created many pages creatively around Coronavirus. Our Executive Director has been recording a TV show every day and we’ve been posting it on the platform.”


Cindy Hawk, Director of Resident Services

Presbyterian Homes Inc

In-Room TV

Entertain Residents While Keeping them Engaged and Informed

Give residents a way to attend activities and stay active while sheltering in place with the Caremerge In-Room TV solution. Stream pre-loaded or live content directly to residents’ rooms to easily share information or host events.  This premium solution allows communities to create custom designs or choose from over 80 included applications for news, weather, and more.  We even work with your current cable providers such as Spectrum, Comcast, Verizon, and others to ensure quick and easy installation.

Family Engagement

Easily Maintain Conversations with Family Members and Put Them at Ease

Caremerge’s Family Engagement App delivers time-sensitive messages to groups or individual resident family members.  Notifying all loved ones at once with Family Announcements is a quick and simple way to publish critical updates.  For more individualized conversations, designated staff members are able to message POAs or even a group of family members in a secure environment as well.  



“Caremerge has been a great method for communication with family members during this Coronavirus outbreak.  We’ve shared out several documents and announcements about measures we are taking as more developments occur.  Family members are really appreciating all the contact!” 


Kim Mead, Director of Engagement

Gardant Management Solutions

Caremerge Voice

Allows Residents to Get Up-To-Date Information in a Fast and Easy Way

Improve residents’ awareness of crucial information and keep them engaged in what is going on in the community. With Caremerge Voice’s COVID-19-specific intent, residents can simply ask, “Alexa, what is the Coronavirus update?” This will read off any Announcements or Calendar events that have terms Coronavirus, COVID, COVID-19 in titles and descriptions.

Custom Forms

Create Custom Forms to Help Adapt to the New “Normal”

Use Caremerge Custom Forms to create secure documents tailored to your specific needs. Create food ordering forms for shelter in place residents, visitor screening surveys, and more. Get the information you need from residents quickly and easily while still practicing social distancing.