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Our Integrations

The Caremerge platform is built from the ground up to support meaningful integrations that bring added value to the communities and improve resident’s experience.

Current Integrations

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is a brand of smart speakers developed to connect with the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant, Alexa.


TheWorxHub is a full suite of operations management solutions designed specifically for senior living communities.


Spiro100 provides web and app video streaming fitness and wellness classes for seniors, featuring over 100 full-length exercise and meditation sessions.


OneDay automates resident storytelling in your communities. Create resident and staff videos using the OneDay App then share with families, residents and staff members!



Sherpa is a revolutionary CRM created by senior sales experts that inspires and motivates sales teams to truly connect with their prospects.

Enquire Solutions

Enquire CRM was designed specifically for senior housing and post-acute care and can be customized with each client’s terminology, workflows and sales process.


WelcomeHome’s CRM is designed to make senior living operators’ lives easier.


Accushield is a visitor sign-in system designed for Senior Living Communities.



FullCount is the only point-of-sale software system designed exclusively for senior living communities.


Serving future-proof food and beverage Point-of-Sale solutions across the diverse hospitality landscape.


QS/1’s pharmacy management systems are flexible, scalable software solutions
that can fit the needs of any business — big or small.


Founded by a physician, Amazing Charts is a top-rated EHR for ease of use and an affordable option for independent practices.



Netsmart is a partner for health services and provides management process solutions and electronic medical records.

Medication Management Partners

MMP exclusively provides services, specialized packaging and the additional support needed for residents who live in assisted living, supportive living, CILA, memory care and group homes.

CareOne Pharmacy

Care One Pharmacy is proud to be your source for all of your pharmaceutical needs.

Medicine Express

Medicine Express is a patient-centered pharmacy devoted to supplying medications to people in the community, as well as residents of assisted living facilities, long term care facilities, and retirement homes.



Symbria Rx Services state-of-the-art strip packaging pharmacy programs support all settings – from independent and assisted living to skilled nursing short-stay and long-term care.

Extended Pharmacy

Provides a complete medication management system by providing unique packaging, pharmacy consultation, and pharmacy services to Alternative Living Communities.


Designed specifically for long term care pharmacies, FrameworkLTC pharmacy management software simplifies workflow and billing with a facility centric, rules-based design.


Yardi is dedicated to the design, development, and support of real estate investment management and property management software.


Value Med

ValueMed streamlines medication management and enhances communication to reduce errors and improve outcomes.


The Rx30 Pharmacy Software Management System provides your pharmacy incomparable value to provide you a total pharmacy software solution.

Nextgen Connect

NextGen Healthcare develops electronic health record software and practice management systems for the healthcare industry.



Coming Soon

Vigil Health Solutions

Vigil’s innovative call systems and resident monitoring solutions differentiate senior living communities by increasing resident satisfaction, staff productivity and family member confidence.

API Toolkit

Caremerge offers a robust developer API toolkit that allows communicating with other systems in real-time. Our developer APIs allow our partners to share and distribute data about communities, their residents, and family members in a secure way.

Single Sign On

We can integrate with another system that allows a user to access to that application and Caremerge with the same login credentials.

ADT Integration

Caremerge uses HL7 and FHIR to do real-time ADT integration with number of clinical and pharmacy systems. As a community, caremerge provides you a window showing all the ADT messages going back and forth with pharmacy or other systems. Your team can troubleshoot and monitor them as/if needed. This unique offering allows communities to self manage integrations.

SFTP Data Transfer

In cases where we cannot establish real-time communication, we can share data through a secure batch SFTP file transfer.

If you are interested in integrating your system with Caremerge, please contact us at