The Senior Living eMAR of the Future

Drive Compliance. Improve Efficiency. Reduce Medication Errors.

+6.5 million Medications Administered

+500,000 Medication Orders Received

If you can use an iPad/iPhone, you can easily use Caremerge

Our Point of Care app (PoC) provides quick completion of medication passes and PRNs, simple filters to show only your shift’s residents, and offline mode to use all around your community.

One Simple Dashboard to Monitor Compliance

Our medication dashboard is your control panel for your eMAR solution. This portal shows med exceptions, eMAR tasks completed, PRNs administered, and much more!

EHR + eMAR = The Best Clinical Solution for Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities

We have been built from the ground up for the senior living industry, and specifically for Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. This means you are going to get a streamlined solution that doesn’t have the added bloat as other systems.

Smart Med Order Management

  • Avoid medication order errors with smart conflict management
  • Save hours of nurse’s time with medication auto approval feature
  • Find missing medications by reviewing orphan orders
  • Give clear instructions to nurses and CNAS with sliding scale and physician notes

Dashboards and Real-time Notifications

  • Get real-time progress on all the med passes with dashboards
  • Batch print facesheets, emergency printouts and emar reports of one or all residents on the fly
  • Get alerts on pending medications or PRNs outcomes

Multiple Administration Types

  • Manage multiple levels of administrations (Administer, Reminder, Remind w/Assistance or Independent)
  • Change views by filtering medications by date, shift, residents or medications
  • Configure permissions and roles for each staff member

Pharmacy Integrations

  • Digitally receive medication orders from the pharmacy
  • Find missing and incorrect orders by looking at messaging between caremerge and pharmacy