In Caremerge’s first Trailblazers in Senior Living installment, Asif Khan, Caremerge Founder/CEO and Andrew Smith, Brookdale’s Director of Strategy & Innovation discuss Technology’s Impact on Generational Relationships.

Today’s featured question is: How do you think technology is bridging the generational gap in senior living communities today?

 You can also watch the interview in its entirety. 


You can also read the transcript below. 

Asif Khan: Just thinking along these lines, how do you think bridging the gap in senior living communities today?

Andrew Smith: Bridging the gap between generations? I think that technology really does help bridge gaps between generations and one story I’ll tell is having access to content. My grandmother and I can sit together and she can tell me about her favorite TV show growing up, and we can go on Youtube and go watch an episode together.

Andrew Smith: I think that kind of access to all the content out there gives people a shared experience that does bridge a gap and I’m more optimistic about technology’s ability to bridge gaps between generations instead of the horror stories you typically hear is that kids they’re too focused in their own, little world, their own apps, and they’re not really able or willing to connect with family, but I see technology as a way that helps families connect better.

Asif Khan: Right. No. Some of the stuff we just talked about as we were talking about our kids and connecting them to grandparents and what not. Shifting a little bit and something that’s a very serious, critical discussion point in our industry is social isolation.

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